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The Hidden Danger: Why Throwing Sticks Can Harm Your Beloved Dog

Playing fetch with our dogs is classic past time for most pet owners. However, what may seem like a harmless game of fetch with a stick can actually pose significant dangers to our furry friends. When dogs chase after sticks, they can easily trip, stumble or fall and when carrying a stick in their mouth the stick can splinter, causing sharp fragments that can pierce your dog’s mouth, throat or digestive tract. These injuries often require immediate veterinary attention and can result in pain, infection or even more severe complications.

"Thankfully there are numerous safe alternatives available that can provide equally engaging play experiences for your dog".

Opt for toys such as rubber frisbees, soft fabric toys or even a toy stick such as the Spunky Pup Fetch & Glow Stick that is made of a durable material that looks like a stick but is both soft and durable (Available for sale at Northgate Veterinary Surgery and St Vincents Vets).

Engaging in interactive play is essential for strengthening the bond between you and your dog. Use this opportunity to teach commands, reinforce training and promote mental stimulation. While throwing sticks may seem like a traditional and harmless game, it can be dangerous. It is crucial to prioritise their safety and wellbeing by opting for safer alternatives. Next time you’re heading to the park or beach don’t forget to bring your own safer toy and leave the sticks on the ground!

- Dr Emma Chester 

Posted in: Pet Health at 15 June 23