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Northgate Queensland

Tick Prevention

URGENT NOTICE: Tick-Antiserum Shortage

This is an extremely urgent reminder to ensure all pets are up to date on tick preventatives.

The current weather in Queensland is a PERFECT breeding ground for ticks, which are very commonly found in suburban backyards and public spaces.

It is vital that you are doing the following:

1. DAILY tick searches on your pets - even if they are on tick prevention. Please see one of our vet nurses if you are unsure how to carry this out correctly.

2. Ensure you set reminders in your calendars for when your pet is due for tick preventatives.

3. Ensure the preventatives are given on time - even a day late puts your pet at risk.

4. Keep your grass short and avoid walking your pets in areas with long grass, bushland or scrub.

Tick Bite Symptoms:

The following symptoms are signs that a tick may be present on your pet, but may vary depending on the type of tick and the severity of the bite

1. Loss of coordination in the hind legs (Wobbly or not able to stand) 

2. Paralysis 

3. Change in voice/bark

4. Retching and coughing 

5. Vomiting 

6. Loss of appetite

7. Laboured or rapid breathing

8. Lethargy

If your pet displays any of the above symptoms, please contact us immediatley so we are able to see your pet and treat them accordingly. 

We are currently experiencing the worst tick season we have had in decades. Be vigilant in providing your pets with preventative care against ticks. Our veterinary nurses are trained to work with you in establishing your best defence against these deadly creatures.

Please contact us IMMEDIATELY on 07 3266 9992 if your pets are showing any tick paralysis symptoms or if you have any questions regarding what tick prevention.