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'Caring and professional veterinary care'
Northgate Queensland

Sheree: Clinical Nurse Manager

Sheree has been working at Northgate Vet Surgery for 10 years and is a dedicated veterinary nurse and receptionist who is skilled in many areas of the practice. These include: surgical nursing, medical nursing, clinic management, nurse training and reception to name a few. She loves all animals big and small but her favourite is the African elephant. Sheree hopes to travel to Africa to meet these gentle giants one day.

Previously Sheree tried her hand at hairdressing and soon realised her passion lied with helping animals when she went to work at an animal sanctuary in Emerald. It was here she learnt about husbandry and the importance of teaching the public about how to care for our pets and livestock.

In her spare time, she loves to take her 4WD up the beach and photography. She has many pets at home from George (blue tongue lizard), Bert (indian ringneck), Boo the dog and Salty the cat!