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'Caring and professional veterinary care'
Northgate Queensland

Puppy Package

Makes caring for your puppy simple!

There is so much to learn about caring for your new puppy and so many decisions to make.

Northgate Veterinary Surgery’s puppy package lets you spend more time enjoying and loving your puppy while we keep your pet healthy 

  • Comprehensive puppy health service for the first 12 months
  • Saves you stress, time and money
  • Significant discounts on veterinary vaccinations and health examinations
  • Comprehensive preventative parasite control program
  • A one-off payment.

Together we’ll do the best for your pet’s well-being and quality of life.

Package Price $840

Valued at over $1000

There is so much to learn about caring for your new puppy and so many decisions to make. There are vaccinations to consider, regular medications to remember; plus multiple choices to be made such as what to feed, what shampoo to use and how to train your new friend. 

There are a confusing array of preventative health products designed to keep puppies healthy; and control nasty internal & external parasites such as heartworm, fleas, ticks and intestinal worms. You’ll want to be assured your puppy is growing properly, and told when and how to change from feeding a puppy formulation, and how to care for the puppy’s emerging adult teeth. You’ll probably also have endless questions about behaviour and training.

All this can seem a bit overwhelming when all you want to do is enjoy the good times with the new family addition. Northgate Veterinary Surgery is taking the worry out of owning a puppy with our Puppy Package, designed to give you a comprehensive puppy health service for the first 12 months; saving you stress, time and money.

The one-off payment offers significant discounts on veterinary vaccinations and health examinations; and we will implement a comprehensive preventative parasite control program based on our local knowledge of what works. The puppy plan will get you through the first 12 months with a minimum of fuss or wasted products that your puppy has outgrown. There are regular check ups, some pampering and pedicures, and you will have ample time to ask all those questions you may have.  From 12 months of age, with all the confusing bits out of the way and you feeling more in control, you may either take over your young dog’s preventative health care and have us do the annual health check and vaccination, or continue on with our life-stage pet health packages to take your pet through to the senior years; with the knowledge that together we are doing the best for your pet’s well-being and quality of life.

Products and Service include:

  • Puppy C5 vaccination course; including two comprehensive health examinations and puppy care information with the Vet
  • At least 3 additional Puppy Growth checks at 5, 9 and 12 months including a comprehensive parasite control plan using the most effective heartworm, intestinal worm, flea and tick treatments available. These medications will be given at the time of the health check by clinic staff, with very little for you to remember to do at home
  • Nutritional advice
  • Nail clips
  • Dental development check (with additional checks if required for problem teeth)
  • Behaviour and training advice
  • A puppy pamper pack with premium quality shampoo that won’t damage a pup’s skin and coat
  • Further discounts for food and extra special treatment from us at de-sexing time.

Our puppy package has been carefully designed by our vets so you get the safest, most effective and easy-to-follow care, advice, parasite & disease control available.

The package is what most owners are looking for to get their puppy to adulthood with the minimum of fuss and best health outcomes.

Detailed list of Puppy Package inclusions:

10 weeks        

Vaccination, health examination, puppy talk and intestinal worming

12 weeks        

Heartworm injection, intestinal worming, flea and tick prevention

14 weeks        

Vaccination, health examination, intestinal worming and flea/tick prevention

5 months       

Growth check; including skin & coat, weight and dental examination, Intestinal worming, flea/tick treatment

6 months       

Heartworm injection, intestinal worming, 3 month flea/tick treatment

9 months       

Growth check by veterinary nurse including dental exam, weight check, nutritional advice, skin and coat check, nail clip, intestinal worm, 3 month flea/tick treatment

12 months       

Weight check & nutrition consult with veterinary nurse