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'Caring and professional veterinary care'
Northgate Queensland


We have a wide range of surgical facilities and equipment at Northgate Vet. This enables  us to perform sterile surgeries including soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic operations, as well as non-sterile surgeries such as bite wound treatments and abscess drainage.

Before surgery, we perform a general clinical exam to ensure your pet is fit to undergo an anaesthetic. Sometimes pre-anaesthetic tests are recommended to check organ function and detect problems that would not be clear on a clinical exam. These tests will be discussed with you before the procedure and the test results are routinely analysed before the anaesthetic is given.

The most appropriate anaesthetic drugs and protocols are chosen according to your pet's individual condition and the procedure to be undertaken. This reduces anaesthetic risk and provides the best pain relief and management possible. While the vet is busy with the operation, a dedicated veterinary nurse is constantly monitoring the anaesthetic and assists the vet when necessary. Our anaesthetic machine, apalert, pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor allow better monitoring and maintenance of your pet's anaesthetic.

The surgical equipment, instruments and suture  materials used are of the same standards as those used in human hospitals. Some surgeries require specialist expertise and we have regular visits from specialist surgeons when these surgeries need to be performed. Alternatively, referral to a specialist surgeon can be arranged.