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Breed DNA Testing

DNA & Your Dog

Do you ever find yourself wondering if your beloved mixed breed rescue dog is part Kelpie or Border Collie? Do you have disagreements at the dinner table over what breed makes your puppy so fluffy? We offer a mixed breed DNA test that can identify the breeds of your dogs parents, grandparents and great grandparents and will put an end to all that guessing. Knowing your pets genetic background is not only interesting it can tell you a lot about your pet and help you better understand their behaviour. Different breeds have different behavioural traits, exercise requirements and personalities. Knowing your dogs breeds can also help you and your vet monitor for specific breed related diseases. Even though they are mixed breed they can be prone to specific breed related diseases inherited from their parents or grandparents.

Dr Emma’s rescue dog Eddie results came back and they discovered she is a Whippet x Mini Fox Terrier which explains her love of running like her whippet brother Bob and her bold fearless temperament typical of Mini Fox Terriers.

Ask your vet at your dog’s next health check about the DNA test.

Posted in: Pet Health at 31 July 19