Terri : Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

​Having worked in the tax office in beautiful Wales for 100 years (it felt like), I really needed a change and felt that   Australia was j ust about far enough. Moved here in 1995 and was able to commence work with a lifelong passion :   animals. Completed Brisbane Institute of TAFE Kennel and Cattery Course, qualified as a RSPCA Dog Instructor and commenced Vet Nursing in 1996. I obtained Certificate IV in Vet Nursing in 2002.

For the past 10 years, my work has been in the retail/product side of pet care. And I'm proud to announce that I have become an Australian Citizen.

My hobbies include eating in, eating out and eating in-between. I'm owned by a 12 year od kitty cat named Purdey who allows me to take care of 3 Plumhead Parrots (Scout, Jem and Boo).

Joined the Northgate Vet and St Vincents Vets team in March 2017. Hopefully next year will see me cage diving with Great White Sharks. How exciting!