Nicola: Veterinary Science Student 

Nicola’s love for animals has always been evident as growing up her favourite time of the week was watching the show Harry’s Practice every Sunday night. This love for animals grew exponentially after getting her first pet - a guinea pig called Marshmallow. From this, her love only grew and she decided a future in the veterinary field was perfect. 

Nicola is currently in third year of a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland. In 2015 She started studying veterinary technology through UQ and as her passion grew so did her aspirations of being a vet. After two years of study she transferred to Veterinary Science and has been loving it ever since. 

In her spare time Nicola enjoys gardening, baking and of course providing endless love to her five guinea pigs - Hazelnut, Bubble, Cookie, Ginger and Peanut.